Montessori x Lalaboom

Discoveries by experimentation

Taking the child’s needs into consideration, leaving them to learn at their own pace, respecting their freedom, and encouraging them to discover their senses and skills.



The freedom to learn

« The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self. »

- Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was a woman ahead of her time. A doctor and university graduate, she dedicated her life to childhood and to understanding all of its aspects. In 1907 she introduced her ground-breaking new educational theory, which persisted throughout the 20th century and now sets the benchmark for modern-day childhood professionals. Autonomy, freedom, self-correction, discovery through exploration and manipulation of objects are fundamental notions in the Montessori method: in order to develop properly, children must be able to play independently with materials and in a world especially geared towards their development.



Stimulating the senses

Sensory discovery is fundamental to the Montessori method because, until the age of 6, children discover and decipher the world using their senses. Hands, and sense of touch in general, are essential tools for developing their intelligence. This was an important notion when we created the Lalaboom education beads, as we wanted children to play and explore freely with their hands.

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