My baby is 10 months old : What to expect ?

20, Aug 2019

Around 10 months, baby is slowly but surely moving on all fours. Your little one is always trying to communicate with you and babble more and more. But what to really expect from your little one at the age of 10 months?

A growing child

At 10m+, your toddler is now a real buzz! Moving more and more, baby loves to move everywhere in anyway he can : going on all fours, crawling or even on the buttocks, nothing seems to stop him ! The little adventurer discovers his environment, and begins to touch everything, thanks to a better fine motor skills. Yes, baby now uses thumb and forefinger to seize objects of all kinds. But beware of accidents!

Baby is slowly trying to get up and walk on his own. It is important that you coach him, but do not try too hard to help him or her to risk bad postures. Encourage him and congratulate him and he will be more motivated !


Curious little one !


At this age, baby can begin to pronounce his first words. If he may have difficulty expressing himself verbally, he does not hesitate to use his gestures and facial expressions. He is also interested in various objects around him and try to figure out what to do with them. He fills, pours, throws, and rummages tirelessly and gradually discovers new interests and skills.


What kind of toys for my baby?

Discovering new sensations is essential for the proper development of your baby. It is at this age that he must appeal to his senses to better sharpen them for the future ahead. While playing, call for colors and textures. Around the age of 10 months, your child will discover that Lalaboom beads can be connected to each other thanks to their simple clipping mechanism. He can now also open the pearls, and thus improve dexterity, strength and fine motor skills.

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