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Lalaboom, a rapidly expanding toy brand

Lalaboom is a brand specialising in the creation and manufacture of quality educational toys. Created and designed by a French toy specialist, Lalaboom allows children to grow, discover and develop through experimentation.


First observations, first ideas…

It all started with a simple observation: that the average children’s toy lasts for six months. Children love to play but are easily bored, which leads to considerable plastic waste on a global scale. It had to change !


Lalaboom is born !

Fabien Fontaine and his wife Katie decided to establish Lalaboom :
A brand of educational beads and games for children, with progressive and long-lasting product that brings together essential play-time values for children while reducing the impact on the environment.


International expansion

The brand proved an instant success and promptly began to expand abroad from its native France. Asia, Europe, America, Africa… With its values and educational features, Lalaboom is continuing to grow and bring joy to children across the world.

2018 - 2019Lalaboom goes for the gold !

2018 was a year of victories, with Lalaboom winning no fewer than 13 awards from the world of toys and design in recognition of its well thought out, innovative and high-quality concept. This recognition serves to further confirm the brand’s success with consumers and professionals.

2019New toys on the road

Lalaboom now offers a whole range of educational toys in addition to the beads, adding a new dimension to its games and new learning opportunities for children.

Rainbow balancing game

Sensory balls

Pegboard and cards

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