Quality and design


Innovation, for a unique playtime

We spend every day inventing and innovating, to ensure every child has a unique time with our toys.


1st STEP

Initial drawings and sketches:

Our beads took shape following all manner of drawings and sketches. Throughout it all, we continued to keep our guiding principle in mind: functional, organic shapes that are directly inspired by nature. Leaves, plants, animals… our ideas gradually came to life through each stroke of pencil. We also added modern, fun and impactful colours to stimulate the child’s vision and curiosity.

2nd STEP

3D models and prototypes:

Once our sketches were approved, they were run through 3D software to give us a concrete idea of what the products would actually look like.

We then used a precise set of specifications containing all the technical information (dimensions, constraints, shapes, colours, textures, etc.) needed to create our prototypes.


3rd STEP

Tests and compliance with standards

For Lalaboom, safety is not a game. All of our toys undergo strict inspection and a rigorous series of tests to ensure they meet standards and are completely safe for children.

We work with accredited, independent laboratories, who validate the compliance of our products from design right up until final production.

Lalaboom products meet all of the international standards in force in Europe (CE), the United States (ASTM), Canada (SOR) and Australia (ISO).


4rth STEP

Manufacture and production:


Our industrial partner has a wealth of experience and expertise, which is clearly visible in the finished product.
We pay close attention to the conditions in which our toys are made.
This means our production site has been approved by the ICTI and BSCI programmes, which inspect and ensure ethical conduct and adequate working conditions in the production of our toys